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At Naked Biotics, we believe that sustainability is a journey rather than a destination. As a business we’re always moving forward; continually becoming cleaner, greener and leaner with regard to our planet and the resources it generously provides.

We are very passionate about the sustainability movement and continuously work to make improvements for a greener approach. Here’s what we’re doing in a number of areas. If you have any ideas to help us improve, please share them!

Climate positive purchasing

Every time you buy a Naked Biotics product, a tree will be planted in our company forest and you’ll be making a positive impact on our planet. That’s because we’re partnering with Ecologi, a team helping us create a climate positive workforce.

With Ecologi, the entire carbon footprint of our team - including their personal homes, holidays and hobbies - will be offset by planting groves of trees in our company forest and investing in carbon reduction projects around the world.

To find out more about this amazing partnership, click here.


Our bottles are 100% PET plastic. PET is completely recyclable and is the most recycled plastic in the world - just be sure to put them in your recycling bin! Then there’s the outer packaging. This is cardboard which is once again fully recyclable.


Naked Biotics works with DPD to deliver its liquid probiotics nationwide. DPD’s green credentials match our ambitions. They have the largest, greenest vehicle fleet in the UK with 10% being zero emission electric vans.


Naked Biotics probiotic liquids can be stored at room temperature. This means there is no need for refrigeration, hence saving electricity in our warehouses and our suppliers’ warehouses too. It also saves a bit of space in your fridge!

Vegan Ethos

Our probiotics are vegan-approved and align with our vegan ideals. If everyone in the UK each week swapped a red meat meal to a plant-based one, it would cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50 million tonnes; the equivalent of taking 16 million cars off the road. Make your diet make a difference!

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