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Gut health and its dependence on a balance of bacteria has only come into focus relativity recently. In the last decade research is showing how the management of digestive bacteria alone opens the door to a new era in human health.

Your gut’s healthy function relies on the presence of beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria aid in digestion, correct pH balance (acidity), help process nutrients and prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria.

There are over 100 trillion bacteria - about 2 kilograms worth - that line your intestinal tract. This gut flora has incredible power over your immune system. As a result, overall health of your body is largely tied to the health of the gut.

Beneficial bacteria are suppressed by many factors of modern living: poor diet, processed foods, stress, excess alcohol. What’s more they are almost completely killed off with the use of antibiotics. Repeated use of antibiotics, including those ingested indirectly in meat products, can virtually eradicate the good bacteria in the gut. They have to build up from scratch again each time a course of antibiotics is taken. It allows bad bacteria and harmful yeasts to take a foothold in the gut. They multiply at a high rate and throw things out of balance.

Conditions arising from bad gut health are many. Perhaps some of the following are recognisable to you?

Bloating | Fatigue | Diarrhoea | Constipation | Irritable Bowel Syndrome | Inflammatory Bowel Disease | Arthritis | Allergies | Obesity | Diabetes | Heart Disease | Depression | Mental Illness

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