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Live fermented bacteria, brewed specially with your gut in mind.
Naked Biotics is a vegan, raw and natural liquid shot brewed with botanicals to maintain and restore your gut.


With over 15 years of development, we harness the power of bacteria to deliver you a natural answer to gut health.

After fermenting for 21 days using our NBTP (naked body temperature process), each bottle of Naked Biotics contains 12 strains and multiple classes of live bacteria, plus specially selected botanicals, ready to survive and grow in your body.

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It’s estimated that around 80% of your immune system and 90% of your body’s serotonin is produced in your digestive tract; this means that when beneficial bacteria thrive in your gut, you thrive too.

One daily shot of Naked Biotics can help you transform your body’s connection with nature and unlock your inner glow.

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"Thanks Naked Biotics"

I have suffered from IBS for years. After taking Naked Biotics Restore, I have not had a flare up since. Finally, I know what normal feels like!

I have suffered from a minor intolerance for years and could never pin point why I was constantly bloated. Balancing my microbiome with Restore has eliminated my bloating completely! Now I use Maintain daily and I will never look back.

I didn’t think I had any gut health issues until I had started a daily dose of Maintain. My skin, sleep, energy levels have all increased and I feel amazing!

Great product and one glaringly obvious benefit has been an increased immunity to bugs on the trains... aside from feeling better and everything working well.

Already repurchased.

Wonderful product. Feel so much lighter. My tummy and body are the happiest they have ever been.

Very quick to respond to all my questions & just so helpful & understanding all round, thank you.

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