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Naked Biotics Explained

The Liquid Difference

Unlike freeze-dried tablets, Naked Biotics is a liquid probiotic, which means our good bacteria are stronger and ready to get to work faster.


The reason I suggest nakedbiotics to my clients when they need the support is due to it being a hood quality product having twelve strains of bacteria, each of which is scientifically proven to alleviate specific conditions. It also contains a unique blend of beneficial bacterial strains, herbs and nutrients to also help support gut health.

Naked Biotics is the only liquid probiotics I take and recommend to my clients, because the live bacteria in it are primed to thrive at body temperature and survive the acidity of the stomach. Unlike freeze-dried capsules, they also have an effect in the mouth and oesophagus

Naked Biotics helped me recover from my egg intolerance and is great foundation for those looking to increase their broad spectrum probiotic intake

Two Women, One Dream

The Naked Biotics Journey

"Our passion and purpose in life is to find the things that make us feel good and share them with as many people as possible"

Amy Partridge and Leanne Weston, Co-founders, Naked Biotics

The most effective probiotic I have ever used
Just completed my 90 days - my skin is now clear and my brain fog has gone
Sam, Naked Biotics Customer
After being bloated for years, I finally know what normal feels like
Lucy, Naked Biotics Customer

Dairy Free

Preservative Free

Gluten Free

100% Natural


GMO Free

Climate Positive Purchasing

Every time you buy a Naked Biotics product, a tree will be planted in our company forest and you’ll be making a positive impact on our planet. That’s because we’re partnering with Ecologi, a team helping us create a climate positive workforce.

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At Naked Biotics we’ve developed a daily probiotic shot that replenishes the good bacteria in your gut.

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