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½ people have gut health issues.

Did you know that we have 2 kilos of bacteria in our gut. It’s important we have it well balanced!

The gut is not just for digestion, it’s the home to our immune system and happy hormones (serotonin).

Gut feelings are a real thing!

You have made a great choice to improve your gut health today and look after it going forward with Naked Biotics. We are happy and excited to help you through your journey.


Take 20 – 30 ml per day (start with 10/15 and work your way up over the first week as your tolerance builds).

Don’t shake – the product is live so doesn’t need shaking.

Don’t Refrigerate – we thrive best at room temperature.

Try to take at the same time each day.

To note:

Compromised stomach for a few days?

Please don’t worry! This is all part of the rebalancing of the microbiome in the gut and actually a good sign the detox is working.

You may see white flakes in your shots, this is just the fermentation process and perfectly fine to drink.

If you miss a days, please don’t worry. No need to double up.

If you have any question, please check our FAQ’s section on our website or email any of our support team at

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At Naked Biotics we’ve developed a daily probiotic shot that, from as little as 80p per day, replenishes the good bacteria in your gut.

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