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What are bacterial cultures?

Bacterial cultures are made up of live microorganisms that, when consumed, are thought to colonise the gut. The bacteria in these cultures are similar to the normal bacteria within our gut.

Is Naked Biotics a probiotic?

Naked Biotics is packed full of live bacteria, natural herbal blends and some healthy extras produced during the fermentation process. However, regulatory law now has prohibited the use of the word ‘probiotics’ in consumer marketing materials, industry wide.

Why Naked Biotics?

Instead of using single-strain bacteria like most UK products, we harness the versatility of three separate classes of bacteria in our natural liquid formula.

Over 15 years of development into our NBTP (naked body temperature process) has helped us grow and maintain multiple classes of bacteria in a viable liquid form. This means that each bottle of Naked Biotics is stable and adaptable at room temperature. The end result for you is a daily shot of raw life that is easy to digest and absorb.

By nourishing your gut with botanical extracts, you can transform your body’s connection with nature and unlock your inner glow. Our daily shot is an easy and effective way to supplement your normal diet with live bacterial cultures.

How do Naked Biotics work?

Naked Biotics contains a strong, diverse ecosystem of bacteria, whose sole purpose is to survive and grow in the environment they live in. When you take our daily shot of raw life, you welcome this highly nourishing team into your gut, and from the day they move in they are rooting for you.

Naked Biotics works by harnessing the power of nature and science to give your body a shot of raw life, with botanicals including Rosehip to help maintain normal function of the gut.

What are the benefits of a liquid, non-freeze-dried product?

We believe freeze-dried supplements, such as tablets, simply aren’t as effective at delivering bacteria as a liquid formula because frozen bacteria need time to wake up and colonise the gut. In theory, freeze-drying is meant to preserve bacteria so it has the chance to reach your large intestine alive, but in reality, this process can result in bacteria passing through your body dormant and unused.

Far from the standard freeze-dried tablets on the market, the microbes in Naked Biotics are readily available the moment you consume them. What’s more, with a pH level similar to your stomach acid, they don’t need to be freeze-dried to survive your stomach and thrive in your intestine. This means you absorb the maximum amount of bacteria with every raw dose you take.

Is it true that microorganisms, such as those found in Naked Biotics, are destroyed by hydrochloric acid in the stomach before they even reach the colon?

One of the main purposes of stomach acid is to kill harmful pathogens in our food, however our gut microbiome is living proof that microorganisms can survive stomach acid and go on to thrive in the body.

The microorganisms in Naked Biotics aren’t destroyed before they reach the colon — our microbes are robust, adaptable and stable under a wide range of conditions, even when passing through stomach acid.

Is Naked Biotics vegan friendly?

Yes, Naked Biotics has been full accredited by the Vegan Society.

We want to help everyone glow from the inside out, that’s why we don’t use any animal derived products during the culturing or production of Naked Biotics.

Is Naked Biotics free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives?

Yes, all our ingredients are 100% natural, or derived from natural-sources.

We believe in the importance of reconnecting with the natural world, starting with what we put into our body; this is why you won’t find any artificial ingredients in our products.

Is Naked Biotics free from dairy, lactose, gluten, GMO, egg and soya?

Yes, we believe everyone should have a chance to feel their best and that’s why we’ve created Naked Biotics with every body in mind.

Does Naked Biotics contain sugar?

Yes, but only natural sugar from fruit juices and molasses. These sugars feed the billions of bacteria in Naked Biotics and are essential for the fermentation process.

Are there any side effects?

As with anything new, it sometimes takes time for your body to adapt.

When you first start taking Naked Biotics you may experience mild diarrhoea, gas or bloating; don’t let this put you off!

If these effects are uncomfortable or occur too suddenly, stick with Naked Biotics, but simply reduce your daily intake — and then increase slowly over a few weeks, until you feel comfortable taking the recommended intake of 30ml daily.

How do I take Naked Biotics?

We recommend drinking 30ml of Naked Biotics a day. Our products can be taken at any time of the day, with or without a meal. For maximum benefit we recommend taking your Naked Biotics shot around the same time every day.

What is the difference between Naked Biotics Maintain and Restore?

The difference between our two formulas lies in the specially selected herbs we add during the fermentation process. Both Maintain and Restore are bursting with the same bacteria; it’s the customised blend of herbs that sets them apart.

Can I take Naked Biotics with medication?

Please seek advice from your GP or healthcare professional.

Can Naked Biotics be stored at room temperature?

Yes - there is no need to refrigerate Naked Biotics, so please store it at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Can I give Naked Biotics to children and babies?

Naked Biotics can be taken by children and babies. As no clinical studies have been done to support this, consumption should be at the discretion of the parent of the child. Please seek advice from your GP if you are unsure.

- Babies age 3 months+ = start with 1ml of Naked Biotics daily; this daily intake can be increased by a further 1ml every three months, up to a total of 5ml.

- Children age 6 years+ = 15ml of Naked Biotics daily.

Can Naked Biotics be taken long term?

Yes, we recommend it. Maintaining a regular daily intake of Naked Biotics is an easy and effective way to consume bacterial cultures with botanical extracts, including Rose Hip, to help maintain the normal function of the gut.

Can Naked Biotics be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

As with all dietary changes, we recommend seeking advice from your GP or a healthcare professional before taking Naked Biotics.

Can I take Naked Biotics if I have a sensitive digestive system?

Yes — we recommend trying a lower daily intake of Naked Biotics first to see how your body responds. Start with 10ml daily, and after one month try slowly increasing the amount consumed.

Once you get into the habit of listening to your gut, you may find yourself switching between Maintain and Restore, depending on your individual needs. As with all dietary changes, please check with a healthcare professional before taking.

Whilst every body is different, working together is better than doing it alone. Our Facebook page is a collection of first-hand experiences of health, general wellbeing and Naked Biotics.

What temperature does the bacteria in Naked Biotics deteriorate at?

The bacteria in Naked Biotics are pretty robust and can handle temperatures ranging from just above freezing, right up to 45 °C. Whilst Naked Biotics can survive this range, it is best to store at room temperature.

Is Naked Biotics available in different flavours?

No, at Naked Biotics we’re proud of our natural approach. Just like our name suggests, our drinks are ‘naked’. We believe life in its raw form is powerful without being dressed up in unnecessary extras (yes, we’re talking about additional flavourings).

I don’t like the taste of Naked Biotics, can I add it to food and drink?

Yes, Naked Biotics can be mixed with food or drink that’s as close to room temperature as possible — this means adding it to your morning cup of hot tea or coffee is a no go. Natural juices, such as apple and orange, are ideal for disguising the taste of your daily shot, however if you stick with undiluted Naked Biotics you may find your taste buds naturally adapt, and over time, actually enjoy the taste of raw life!

How will I know if the product has gone off?

Once you’ve opened the bottle, the product will last for 60 days.

If you’ve lost track of time then give it a sniff — it will smell “rotten” when it goes off!

Why are there white flakes floating on top of the liquid?

Don’t panic, this is perfectly normal.

White flakes are just the natural yeast that forms when our liquid formulas are exposed to oxygen — in other words, once the bottle of Naked Biotics has been opened. Please don’t shake it, it’s completely natural for these flakes to form on top of the liquid.

If Naked Biotics isn’t meant to be shaken, how do you safely transport the bottles without damaging your product?

A bit of motion during transport won’t harm our robust bacteria — we just don’t want you to vigorously shake the product every day, especially once the bottle has been opened.

The microbes in Naked Biotics are predominantly anaerobic, which means they don’t need oxygen to grow. Shaking the bottle can introduce oxygen bubbles into the liquid, and this may result in a less than favourable environment for all the bacteria inside.