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The Liquid Difference

Why a liquid probiotic is best

A liquid provides the perfect conditions for growing bacterial cultures. And it’s good for a probiotic because you are trying to grow as many bacterial colonies as possible. It’s a case of the more millions the merrier when taking on and rebalancing the bad bacteria that are out of control in your gut.

Naked Biotics uses a long-researched fermenting process to develop twelve strains of bacteria, each of which is scientifically proven to alleviate specific conditions. Important to consider is that our bacteria are grown to thrive at temperatures around body temperature. Also, they are given 18-21 days to develop. This is critical because the bacteria strengthen and learn to exist together. The reason this is important is because, to be most effective, bacteria has to stay alive, thrive and multiply when it enters your gut, surviving stomach acid along the way. Our fermentation primes them to do just that.

Liquid Freeze Dried
Microbes alive at point of consumption Microbes dormant at point of consumption
Survives stomach acid Not proven how many microbes survive stomach acid
More natural process Not a natural process
Reaches gut where it is needed to thrive May not reach the gut
Already colonised